Excursions to the Tremiti

The Tremiti Islands are the best place for a one-day excursion surrounded by an enchanting landscape. The Tremiti are well known thanks to their marvellous bottoms, the coast rich in grottos and the historical and archaeological heritage.

Five are the islands that compound the Tremiti: Pianosa, the flat islands that is 12 miles far circa at South-Est; Cretaccio, that is so called due to its geological structure; Capraia, the island of the capers; San Nicola, the historical island and San Domino, the main island, where are also hosted hotels.

The best way to enjoy the Tremiti Islands is to rent a rubber boat or do a planned excursion to have the chance to swim in the pale water and to visit the grottos of the San Domino island.

Excursions To San Giovanni Rotondo

Which is your first tought when you think to the Gargano? Of course, the genuine tastes of this land, the blue of the sea and the sky, the thousands of shades of green of the countryside but also the great spirituality that has always featured the "Mountain of the Sun", since really ancient times: this is indeed a land of pilgrimages.

Padre Pio, born Francesco Fogrione, has always had (and has still nowadays) a great favor to a lot of persons, even when the Holy Office instilled the doubt about the authenticity of his stigmatas and his miracles, since it forbid him to celebrate the Mass. The role of this monk has been controversial till 1968, when he died, beloved by his followers and opposed by the Church. Only in 2002, the Pope John Paul II declared Pio from Pietrelcina "Saint".

His favor has grown in the years. This is why the Capuchins gave to the well known architect Renzo Piano the order to plan a new Church, that was open in 2004 and that is the main worship place of San Pio.

Excursions in Caicco di 23mt

Excursion on a sail boat along the Gargano coast between Vieste and Mattinata; lunch on board included.

We plan excursions on a sail boat along one of the most beautiful coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, that one that goes from Vieste to Mattinata.

White cliffs, hided bays, overhangs, pines on the sea, Saracens towers, natural arches and the marvellous Marine Grottos, the sea and the excellent marine cooking will be your best company for a whole day, in the name of relax and pleasure.

Masks, snorkels and fins are available to passengers even for the little ones.